early literacy idea – magnetic letters & cookie sheets

A great way to promote reading and literacy for children is by exposing them to the alphabet.  When I taught preschool, one of the kids favorite things to do was play with the magnetic letters on the fridge.  They often tried to create words, seek out the letter their name started with, or see how many letters they could identify.

When I was growing up we had a 45 minute commute to daycare in the mornings.  Often I would write or tell stories during the trip.  Once I knew how to write I began to ask how to spell words such as cow, mom, dad, etc. though apparently one day I asked how to spell hippopotamus.  My Mom replied, “how about hippo”, apparently I was fine with that.

A cookie sheet and some magnetic letters are a great way to keep kids entertained on a road trip or a longer commute.  Using the magnetic letters will help with their small motor skills as well as expose them to the alphabet.  As kids get older, parents or caregivers could ask the children to find specific letters or spell out words for the children to make.

***picture from ourniftynotebook.blogspot.com***



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